About BexerHamstra

BexerHamstra team

We guarantee continuity and quality

BexerHamstra  is a fast growing HR consulting firm specialising in reward issues (compensation & benefits) and organisation design.

Hamstra & Partners was founded in 2010 and consists of a team of consultants with proven expertise in the field of reward and terms of employment (compensation & benefits), job evaluation, job description, HR organisation design, project and interim management, leadership effectiveness, team coaching and assessment.

Hamstra & Partners merged with Bexer (reward & benefits consultants) to BexerHamstra in juli 2020. With the BexerHamstra team and the associated network our clients can be assured of quality and continuity. Our consulting is always based on the ‘four eyes principle’ and we like to keep each other sharp on developments in the field.

Partnership with Mercer

When it comes to reward data, job evaluation methodology (IPE) and expertise in the field of insurable employment terms and pensions we work together with Mercer, a Marsh & McLennan company and global provider of consultancy in the field of Health, Wealth and Career. This partnership allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of HR-related consulting services.

Vision and mission

‘We are looking for the best solutions and focus on the results’ 

Organisations are often unnecessarily complex, and the number of rules and procedures are ever increasing. Solutions are often sought in creating (even more) rules and systems when focussing on principles is the key. Taking a pragmatic and innovative approach to complex issues and simplifying them whenever possible: this is what we stand for and instil in our consultants. When we tackle an issue we see it as our mission to shift attention away from rules, procedures and systems and on to manageable principles, concrete and efficient solutions and focus on the desired effect or result.

When possible, we carry out our projects in close collaboration with our clients (HR departments), as we believe this produces better results.


Inspiration sessions

Next year we want to organize some meetings for colleagues in our new office in Utrecht. If you are interested, please sign up for this via info@bexerhamstra.nl and we will keep you informed of our activities.