‘The complete benefits package’

BexerHamstra has ample experience with all components of the rewards and benefits package. Please find out more below about our vision and approach regarding a few specific benefits.


A lot of employees risk disability during their work. This could be both due to the nature of their work but also due to personal choices. The consequences of illness and disability are tremendous both for employee and employer. The costs of continued payments in case of illness and/ or the risks of becoming disables are carried by the employer. A sound risk assessment by the employer coupled with an assessment of what is and what is not market practice will help to determine a strategy. We support employers with changes in disability plans. A major part of this is selecting the right insurer. Instead of many providers we exclusively work on a time and material basis. We do not work with commissions or provisions. This ensures we can act as an independent advisor.

In our advice we build on our knowledge, experience and data on what is and what is not market practice. We take the wishes and needs of our clients into consideration but also the consequences of wrong choices for employees.


Although 19 cents does not sound like a steep figure, a lot of money is spend through mobility plans. Next to lease plans and public transport reimbursements the design of the entire mobility package has a significant effect on personnel costs.

Changes in mobility policies may trigger emotional debates, whether this involved changes in lease plans or a cut in the reimbursement of kilometres; there is often a personal and emotional impact if such policies are changed. We support organizations with the development of futureproof mobility policies. Next to the financial perspective for the employer we consider the impact of the policy on the (personal situation of the) employee.

  • Examples of typical projects we support our clients with:
  • Harmonisation of travel and commute reimbursement policies.
  • Reshaping multiple policies in one integral mobility policy that provides employees with the freedom to choose their own form of transport.
  • Assessing to what extent the total rewards & benefit package is no longer competitive if the employer does not provide a lease car.
  • Transitioning lease policies to public transport arrangements.
  • Facilitating the selection of mobility providers. Both for the assessment of consequences and calculating financial differences.
  • Driving the sustainability of a mobility policy and acting on the wishes of employees, think of introducing lease bicycles and mobility as a service.

Long term employability

Many employees would like to stop working before they reach the government-stipulated retirement age but in the end do not choose to do so. What stops these employees is the large income gap before and after the moment of retirement. This affects the employees’ motivation, may result in an ability to no longer work as a result of illness or disability, but also that the this group blocks career progression for younger workforce generations. In our opinion, a well-designed age conscious people policy allows the employer to act when needed on these situations. Such a policy will prevent costs due to illness and disability, demotivated employees who negatively affect the work climate for all, and lack of career perspective for young talents. A well-designed age conscious people policy will drive retention and career perspective for employees, but also offer older colleagues the opportunity to retire at the desired age in a healthy and pleasant manner. From the employer’s perspective these advantages can outweigh the – sometimes limited – policy costs. By leveraging the opportunities provider by the government there is more possible than you might think.

Employee expense plans and allowances

The tax authority provides employers with the opportunity to reimburse expenses to their employees. One way to do this is by reimbursing actual costs made (payback policy). Another option is to provide a lump sump expense allowance. Each solution has its pros and cons. In our experience the design of expense plans is often approached from a fiscal perspective. While the fiscal framework is very relevant, it is important to also take market practice and administrative and maintenance costs of the policy into consideration. BexerHamstra looks beyond fiscal optimization and puts your question in a broader perspective.