Hamstra & Partners becomes BexerHamstra

Hamstra & Partners merges with Bexer!

A big step for Hamstra & Partners and for Bexer! As of July 1st 2020 we are merging into BexerHamstra, a new reward consultancy firm comprised of a robust team of former consultants at Korn Ferry (previously known as Hay Group). Together we will be stronger, able to offer a wider range of services while maintaining the quality you have come to expect.

Over the past ten years we have built a wonderful business, with projects and clients we are proud of. Now we are seizing the opportunity to grow in order to provide a wider range of services with a stable and diverse team.

Bexer may be a new name, but to many in the marketplace their faces will look familiar. Prior to this, founders Rogier Kerkhof, Rob Westrek and Guyot van Meer were partners with international management consultancy firm Korn Ferry, previously known as Hay Group. As of February 1st of this year they launched their own consulting firm for reward and terms of employment, which was joined by a specialised team of five top consultants.

BexerHamstra partners

Coffee at Maliebaan

Hamstra & Partners and Bexer share the same roots. Lianne Hamstra also used to work for Hay Group, a HR consultancy firm that focuses on providing quality for clients. This is what forged our bond about four months ago, at a meeting over coffee at our office at Maliebaan. The conversation lasted almost three hours. There was an instant professional and personal connection.

When it comes to our field of expertise, we share the same mentality and vision. If a client approaches us with a problem, we like to work with them to find the best solution. This results in an approach that is sometimes innovative, but always tailor-made. As a specialised firm we have the courage and freedom to do things our way. This is what drives us, and the same goes for Bexer.

Why together?

Being together makes us both stronger. Our professionals and services complement each other, making the services we have on offer broader and even more specialized.

Hamstra & Partners is great at organisation design. We develop clear job classification systems and innovative career models, combined with reward policy and performance management. For compensation data and job evaluation we have been working with consultancy firm Mercer for years and we will continue to do so in the future. Bexer’s expertise focusses on reward and terms of employment policy as well as pension advice. In addition, Bexer strengths include data analysis and the practical application of quantitative calculation models, fields we could use some expansion in as market demand is growing.

There is more

The merger creates a larger, more stable team. We already have a wonderful client portfolio, but there are so many more businesses we could be helping, ranging from family businesses to top national companies to Netherlands-based head offices of multinationals to successful startups and scale-ups. There is plenty of work on offer, but our team was simply too small to take it all on.

As of July 1st, our team will consist of four partners and ten consultants, with another two joining in the coming months. Together we will be able to handle more work. More people means continuity, a more diverse team and more opportunities to learn from each other. Our plan is to have senior consultants mentor junior consultants. We have already started implementation, as we were very keen to make the change. For our staff, we are becoming an (even) nicer employer.


Our ambitions

BexerHamstra is growing, but growth for its own sake has never been our goal. We only want to grow if it means being able to provide better services to our clients. We want to do what we are best at and what the market needs. We do have ambitions. Our plan is to expand our market position in the Netherlands and become a top consultancy firm in our niche, expanding our team to 20 to 25 professionals over the next few years.

Things will be different, but apart from a wider range of services and some fresh faces, our clients will hardly notice the change. We will keep focussing on a personal, creative and innovative approach. This is why we have chosen to merge with a firm of roughly the same size that shares our values.

We are picking up speed!

Now we have decided to work together, we are picking up speed. As of July 1st, BexerHamstra is a fact. The Bexer team will be moving into the Hamstra & Partners office at Maliebaan over the summer months – until we grow out of space. Lianne Hamstra, Rogier Kerkhof, Rob Westrek and Guyot van Meer will become partners. A team of four individuals with a shared vision. Together we will be helping our clients and work on moving our field of expertise forward.