Next to salary, pension is the most costly component of the rewards & benefits package. While costly, pension is oftentimes not highly appreciated by employees. Although delivery of a pension plan is very important, our starting point is the value that pension brings to employees. We are passionate about engaging with our clients to determine how pension plans should be designed to bring the most value to employees. Would you like to offer a pension which is very certain? Or do you prefer a plan with a higher expected return but also more risk? Or perhaps you would like to give more responsibility to employees and provide them with the freedom to choose between cash now and pension later? Every organisation is different and at the same time employees must comply with legislation and potentially the requirements put forward by a CLA. A complex playing field but familiar ground for us. Our consultants are passionate about pension and love to help you shape the best-fitting solution.

BexerHamstra (Bexer Benefits) has a licence from the Authority Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten) for mediating and advising on pension and income insurances. We mostly work for employers and not for pension providers such as insurances or pension funds. This ensures BexerHamstra is an independent advisor.

Our approach

Chancing a pension plan or pension provide oftentimes constitutes an impactful change. BexerHamstra supports from start to finish. From policy development, impact calculations, meetings with works council and unions, compensation schemes and the selection of pension providers through to the implementation at the provider and communication toward employees. We facilitate the change and ideally handover to you thereafter. We ensure that plan maintenance is organized in such a way that you can easily maintain the pension plan. Of course we remain available for aftercare and in case of questions. In our advice we always take into account how pension fits within the broader rewards & benefits package.

Additional pension offerings

Next to designing pension plans and selecting pension provides we may support you in a number of areas:

  • Actuarial calculations and valuations
  • Pension due diligence
  • Risk assessments
  • Pension plan harmonisations
  • Pension controls
  • Forecasts of pension payments through scenario analyses
  • Advising employers that have a company-specific pension fund
    (for example in case of a strategic reorientation on the fund)