Reward policy

‘We offer independent advice on rewards’

BexerHamstra specialises in advising and implementing projects in the field of rewards and terms of employment. We offer advice and support in formulating (innovative) reward policies that fit your particular type of organisation, factoring in market position, employee types, salary costs and corporate culture. An optimised reward policy is aligned with organisational goals, culture and strategy. Together with our clients, we translate organisational mission and vision into a reward philosophy that forms the foundation for the actual reward policy, including salary structure and transitional arrangements. For formulating reward policies, philosophies and structures we draw on years of experience working for many different employers and our knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the field.


A project often starts with a benchmark, which tests current employee rewards against the external market. We can perform this benchmark for the organisation as a whole, for part of the organisation or for a single position. Our partnership with Mercer gives us access to a large, stable and international reward database, providing us with market data on all position levels within organisations. This allows us to carry out a subjective and substantiated benchmark. Apart from the usual data on fixed and variable income, this database also provides information on pensions and other secondary terms of employment. In the field of mobility (expats) it is the largest database in the Netherlands.

Harmonisation of employment terms

After a merger or take-over BexerHamstra  can offer advice and support on harmonising employment terms to give the client a single harmonised and implemented package at minimal extra cost. This is also the moment we are often asked to develop a new employment terms package. If this is the case, we can advice our clients from beginning to end. From harmonising job classification systems, project management and formulating new policies to calculating changes in costs, assisting with works council negotiations, communications and implementation. Depending on your needs, we can work on project or interim basis. At the start of a project, we always consult with our clients to determine the best approach in terms of due diligence, support, pragmatism and effectiveness.

Inspirational session

We regularly kick off projects with inspirational sessions for CEOs and management. During these sessions we inspire CEOs or management teams by updating them on the latest trends and developments in the field of reward and performance management. We also test whether these trends and developments tie in with their strategies and demands. We process the results of these sessions so clients get a quick outline of what to expect. Depending on clients’ available capacity and expertise we can formulate subsequent steps, be it in the form of advice, a few days worth of assistance, drawing up a comprehensive project plan or interim support on the communication and implementation of plans. There are many different options.

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An example of one of our credentials:

Client: Ziggo and UPC

Question: set up a new terms of employment package (harmonisation)

Duration: 9 months

When Ziggo and UPC merged in 2015 we advised them on harmonising their terms of employment and assisted them with implementation. Hamstra & Partners offered advice on setting up a new employment terms package for the merged Ziggo. We were also asked to map out the differences between the reward schemes, make cost calculations at individual level and advise the organisation on the implementation costs for the harmonised package. The project did not end there. We also drew up new arrangements and assisted the organisation with communications relating to the new package and negotiations with the two works councils.