Lianne Hamstra

Lianne Hamstra, founder of Hamstra & Partners, has more than fifteen years’ worth of experience as a management consultant and HR manager.

‘I believe in people’s individual strengths’

‘My consulting style is characterised by a combination of expertise, an ability to realise goals and a personal and caring approach. I believe in clarity and trust and I pay attention to people’s individual qualities and autonomy. I am able to find creative answers, but I am also a pragmatist. I do what is needed. Working with clients to find solutions is what drives me most.

Self-management and employee autonomy often play an important role in my solutions. I believe in people’s individual strengths. I focus on the long term, stay abreast of pertinent developments and strive to be a frontrunner in my field, preferably in collaboration with clients and partners in my network. Together we have the assets needed to get the job done. We are happy to get to work!.’

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